About VideoBase.io

A big collection of videos from the world.

We Are!

We are simple, brandable Video hosting & Streaming platform, Providing premium streaming to viewers and premium services to our publishers. .

Videobase tries to give the user the best experience you can get on a video sharing website.

  • Diversify your followers among platforms. Any platform can go offline or delete you tomorrow, so why don’t use multiple awesome sites and let users choose their favorite?
  • Option to force users to disable their adblocker. No more freeloading of your great content!
  • Unlike the big platform with the red logo, we don’t care how many bad words you say and do not demonetize your content)
  • You can choose (opt-in) to allow downloads of your videos.
  • We also don’t ban content creators for controversial actions. As long you act according the law, we care exactly 0% about your political opinions etc. and won’t ever delete or demonetize you!
  • Fast and reliable servers (unlike many other sites...)
  • Great subtitle support. Multiple languages are no problem.
  • Really simple and straightforward. Upload a video, copy link and share! No complicated processes, your grandma could do it too!
  • Reach all markets & countries, including China!

With a FREE videobase.io account you get the following features

  • Earn Money by sharing your links
  • Upload unlimited Files and access it from everywhere
  • Share the videos with anyone in the world.